Is it possible to get a refund?

It is definitely possible to get a refund from us under certain conditions which have been explained in details below. We strive to complete and deliver all the orders within 7 days once you place the clear payments for your order. However, an automatic refund may be issued to you if we do not deliver within seven days of the time in which you have placed the order for any package on your page. The delivery time depends on the package that you have purchased from our website.

If your order has been issued promptly and completed within the stipulated timeline as mentioned over the certain package that you have ordered, the refund will not be issued as the order has already been fulfilled.

One of the most asked questions is “Can I get a refund if I have changed my mind?”

In this case, once you place the order, it has been processed and started, it may appear as if your order is underway in a queue but our team might have started working on already as soon as the payment is cleared, and therefore we won’t be able to refund you any time once the order is in progress.

Customer protection:

The protection of our customers and consumers is one of our main priorities, we pledge to provide the best of our services to fulfil their needs and requirements. All the terms and conditions have been formulated after considering the consumer rights. The packages that you view on our website have been sorted out considering the budget and comfort to avoid any unfavorable situations, likewise our refund policy has the potential for customer satisfaction.

Since we love to cater to the needs of our customers, we strongly emphasize on the refund policy. If a situation may arise where you have to ask us for a refund, make sure that your order has not been delivered already.

Another question that most consumers ask is “Can I cancel it and get a refund?”

The order can be cancelled only if the order has been delivered at any point. Once the order is in queue, it is in process of getting delivered to you on the same day or within the time period that has been mentioned on the package. The order cannot be cancelled if the order has been delivered fully. However, if you happen to have acquired some of the services particularly in terms of views, likes and social followers, a partial refund can be issued to you. For that, you need to write all the details to us and contact us.

An order that has been completed fully cannot be cancelled at all. However, you can still contact us with your concerns and we will try to resolve it as soon as we can.

Quick turnaround time

Normally our order turnaround time is quick and fast. Here you place an order, you will get a confirmation email that your order has been started. The next email is normally about the completion of your order. We always deliver all orders in time.

Write us

If you don’t get any email regarding your order details or about its completion, you can always write your questions and queries to us and our sales team will get back to you with a resolution. If your question is about the refund policy and concerns, please read below to understand under which circumstances you can request a refund for your order

Refund and Refills:

If you have bought followers from our company by buying any package. Just remember once we complete the order and your follower count has been completed, the work will be stopped. After giving a certain number of followers to your account, the order will be deemed completed. If at any point of order processing you change your mind and wish to cancel the order, the refund may not be issued because the resources have been used.

We also offer a 30 days social follower refill guarantee and after that period if you notice any decline and drop in your followers, the refund will not be issued.

We ask the customer to share their IG username at the time of the order and our packages/services will only cater to it after the payment. If at any point you change your username, no refills will be given as the work has already been done.

The subscription package for auto likes and auto views will automatically expire after 60 days and it depends on the timeline mentioned in the detail section of the package.

Instagram algorithms may undergo changes with time. We usually provide high quality likes, views and followers to our customers, but if you witness changes due to Instagram Algorithm, we should not be held responsible for any decline, drop and decrease of the views, likes and followers that your account may undergo due to ongoing changes.

The customers are eligible for auto refills within 30 or 60 days of placing the order. Every package comes with a different time in which you can redeem our services.

Refills would not be issued if you have opened a case with PayPal or filed a chargeback case with your MasterCard Company.

Full and partial refund:

  • We may offer a full refund if we encounter any technical glitches and issues in our server/interface/system.
  • A full refund will be issued in case we fail to deliver the order with the timeline mentioned in the package.
  • We may issue a partial refund if you have cancelled the order midway and the order has been partially.

We offer 24/7 support and assistance to our valuable customers, if you feel like you have any question regarding our refund policy you can contact us anytime. We will get back to you within business days. We are always cooperative with our customers and resolve their concerns and matters in an amicable way. Should you have any concern feel free to call us or email us any time.